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The future is unknown and this can have a dramatic effect on your finances. Don't wait to get help and don't make the same financial mistakes you did last year. Start today to take steps to improve your financial life. We can help you develop a plan to deal with your current financial situation.

We fix all types of credit repair and debt problems such as: student loans, foreclosure, bankruptcy, collection accounts, repossessions, judgments, tax liens, late payments, medical bills and more.

Our personal finance services will help you eliminate debt, develop skills to recover from or prevent a financial crisis, end fights with your spouse or partner, stop creditors from harassing you and relieve stress caused by worrying about paying your bills. We will setup a customized debt payment plan to show how much you owe and when each bill will be paid off along with a customized roadmap to plan for your future.

We treat each client as if they were our only customer. We develop a personalized plan for each customer to eradicate debt, increase your credit score, effectively manage your finances, help you learn how to maintain your good credit, and achieve your financial goals.

Your credit is one of the most important aspects of your life. If you have bad credit you could: be denied for a loan, receive a higher interest rate, get fired, lose out on job opportunities, get denied a security clearance, have legal action taken against you, be treated like a criminal, have your wages, bank account or tax refund garnished or lose friends and family because of your debt.

Paying just the minimum monthly credit card payment or loan payment causes the average consumer to pay two to three times the original cost of the item purchased. H.E. Freeman Enterprises can setup an easy to follow plan for you to reduce your total debt. Our customer testimonials provide examples of the quality service we provide. We have helped clients who have used other credit repair, debt settlement or credit counseling agencies and were not satisfied with the results. We can help you too!

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The art is not in making money, but in keeping it. - Proverb



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